It’s a hullabo, a charged up atmosphere all around, you get a message on whatsapp and its about this only. The election of a new set of government who will take charge of major development activities in the country is the hottest recipe available in every shop. Isn’t the whole atmosphere seemingly similar to what it must have been in 1947 after declaration of independence to India? The expectations, the hope, the fulfillment of dreams, the vision of a great country, the arrival of our own masters, the relief from the years old shackles, and more importantly our children breathing in an air with more oxygen. Presently the same euphoria is building up, as if in the last few years we have lived those 200 years of deprivation and anarchy. Is it the expectation which is charging up the atmosphere or is it the vacuum getting filled up which is creating ripples across. Yes, the vacuum which was created over the years due to lack of a Leader to whom we all can look upon, a person, who can rephrase the anguished feelings of the masses. Who not only shows some solidarity but stands against the existing setup to bring some changes. This is what had been evident in the likes of Vivekananda, Subhash Chandra Bose, Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel, Indira Gandhi, Jagjivan Ram, Anna Hazare and others alike in the history of mankind.

Is Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi or others building up to the same leader we have been waiting since the demise of Indira Gandhi? The leader we are waiting for will be first required to have capabilities of a leadership building a Noah’s ship, commanding enough courage to steer towards a self-decided direction. The other qualities are secondary as to his secular credentials; his youth connect; his developmental vision; his aristocratic nature; his own thoughts and his ability to deal with friends and foes. India is waiting for a person who can at least take a view of his own and make the system work according to his view only. The view is good or bad should be left to its outcomes and the future to decide. No action is good or bad until it is performed. Of late the nation has been witnessing this vacuum of a view and its strong implementation. When a person takes a decision to use his army to help create a new nation against wishes of other leaders then he evolves himself as a leader. When a person takes decision to bring television reach to each home of the country then he evolves into a leader. When a person takes a decision to rise above caste and religion and bring similar benefits to all then he evolves into a leader. The present scene of the country has once again posed many such situations which is an opportunity for such another person to evolve himself to a leader the nation has been waiting for.

A society can grow at enormous pace if the growth is oriented towards all the subjects of the society. The downtrodden, the minority, the transgender, the uneducated all need to be taken along the growth continuum. But this does not mean leaving apart the affluent, the majority, the power gender, the educated to fend for themselves and let them grow by their own or just fall in line. The efforts need to be taken to bring everyone on par and then gain speed of the growth continuum. The groups or people who need special attention have to be given special privileges to bring them out of the underprivileged group and then this special attention has to be withdrawn to make them part of the greater growth continuum. Any effort toward continuing the special privileges to those who have come out of the underprivileged class will lead to greater misbalance among the underprivileged as well as the privileged classes. The continuation of usage of such privileges by those who have come out of underprivileged class will on one hand deprive these resources for others in underprivileged class and on other hand also create an over privilege for those who continue using these, resulting in reverse drain of some from privileged to underprivileged class. This continuation of usage of privileges happens when we instead of identifying classes between privileged and under privileged start identifying classes on the basis of caste and religions. One who can understand this and views the society as privileged and under privileged instead of caste or religion based privileges, will only evolve himself to the Leader of the times.

Development is a chain reaction where one development is linked to another. Development of an under privileged will take him through roads which need repairs. The repairs of these roads will invite several other underprivileged to share the job and this will help them come up the growth ladder. A repaired road will attract more travelers who will further utilize this road infrastructure to develop housing societies besides it bringing more people up the growth ladder. The housing society will invite beautification drives and building of commerce. This opportunity to develop commerce will invite greater financial activities and will bring more people up the growth stratum. The development is thus contagious bringing with it a whole lot of new areas of innovative and inclusive growth. Development cannot be limited to a particular target group of individuals only or to a particular area. It is to be like a forest vine which spreads across all boundaries and covers the whole possible vegetation. Limiting the development to a small set will make it grow vertically which is unstable as per natural rules and at some time destroys itself to rubbles. One who can initiate this chain reaction without caring for boundaries is likely to evolve into a Leader of the masses.

Democratic institutions are usually prone to over activism or under activism of its constituents. The optimality is hardly achieved and this imperfection leads to other ills of an established society. The democratic government is where people from different strata of the society choose certain able people to make laws of the society and carry on the activities leading to the growth of the society. But while choosing such people the members of the society should be able to identify those who can actually carry on the activities with ease without taking it as a burden or an opportunity to benefit only particular sections of the society. These type of persons if chosen convert this office of service to the center of power, accumulating available resources beneficial to some and depriving the same benefit to a larger section of the society. Mitigation of this scenario can only happen at the initial process of choosing those able persons who are to be assigned duties of carrying on growth leading activities. Hence the process of choosing these persons should be limited to only those persons of the society who are knowledgeable enough and if education is the parameter of knowledge then educated enough. A democratic process should only allow educated and well informed persons to choose and elect their representatives. This leads to the proposition and opportunity of educating more and more members of the society so that they can participate in the democratic process with greater knowledge and responsibility. One who grabs this opportunity to bring education to the forefront of every member of the society will rise to the Leader of the future.

Over activism and under activism in democracy leads to different members of the society resorting to their own methods of achieving their requirements setting aside the larger benefits of the society. The excess utilization of rights granted by the democratic setup brings the evils of the society to the forefront. Not following traffic rules, not conforming to civic sense, using freedom of speech to abuse other constituents of the society, protesting in unwarranted ways, damaging the common resources of the society, hampering growth prospects for individual gains are some of the negatives of over activism in democracy. While not being able to change the elected representatives, getting intimidated by our own guarding agencies like the police, not able to get a common law implemented for the benefit of whole society, succumbing to corruption prevailing around are some of the forms of under activism in democracy. One who is able to put a cap on the over activism and place a base of under activism will imbibe himself as a Leader of the democratic setup.

In any system if we have more of the blockages and less of the flow then it will lead to damaging results. Free flow takes life to greater heights while blockages bring threats of extinction of life forces. When we are dealing with systems and processes designed to run the society, we encounter many such blockages and to overcome these blockages we are ready to adopt any method and usually this includes circumventing the blockage instead of removing it. This circumvention of blockages leads to some taking it as an opportunity to reap benefits from those who are ready to circumvent this blockage creating the monster of corruption. Whenever we have a system which creates a stopper environment without recourse to corrective methods, it will always give rise to corrupt practices. There is a need to create an enabling atmosphere where following rules should be such a part of life that it does not get separated from any one of us. The self-balancing checks and controls should take care of any jumping over rules and circumvention of the laws. A system which has fixed rewards and penalties commensurate with action done will itself decrease the corruptive tendency. One who can identify these self-sustaining systems to eliminate corruption will attain the position of a Leader of the society.

Similar societies develop into nations and then develop differences to make ourselves stand apart from rest other societies. Thus gets created the national boundaries and different set of rules achieving the same goal of living and growing life in a comfortable way. These ways may seem unique to each nation but leads to the same goal of making human life more comfortable. But to protect their own uniqueness these societies or so called nations nurture and use forces which may be clandestine or violent. There is a responsibility also to similarly protect our own uniqueness but simultaneously respect others’ uniqueness. This has not only to be understood by us but also made to be understood by other nations. The adeptness with which one handles such relations with other societies and brings them on a common humanitarian platform to eliminate hatred and spread a common understanding of the human goal of development will be the deciding factor of the dominancy of the particular nation. The activities of commerce with other nations benefitting India, partnering in growth of all societies, playing prime role in global safety and ensuring respect and safety of our citizens across the globe will go towards long term positioning of the nation as a major world force. One who takes the cudgels to be strong enough in turning the global views in his favour will establish as a Leader of the world.

Whether it will be NaMo or RaGa or someone else it is for the electorate to decide, but the electorate has to decide for the betterment of the nation and society keeping all our individual aspirations aside. The aspiration which we can afford at this time is for a better living condition, more growth and development of human life as a whole. Those who are aspiring to get elected to represent this largest democracy will have some credentials to show based on their past activities. We should take that into consideration and then elect one who has the capacity to develop into a leader which we can look up to and who can prove to have his own views putting into action at some point of time.