Oh! My God… A very common phrase for English speaking God fearing beings… but what does this actually mean… a distress call… a repentant call… a help call or just an expression coming out of one of the twist of tongues. Is there God or we presume there is God and give a call to Him.

I am myself a God fearing being but someone suddenly asked me if I believe in God… and then… for a few seconds I had to pause and think… do I believe in GOD? Yes, I believe in God but does believing in God means believing in few names which represent Gods or God’s representatives in different civilizations, or does it mean having faith in some personified power which is beyond our imagination and is a large pool of resources which never dries down. Is this power manifested some shape which may resemble any mortal body shape or is it without any shape… Let’s ponder….

Whenever we are in pain we expect some relief and anyone who provides that relief is a godly image to us. Whenever we remember God it is either to demand some relief or thank Him for some relief already provided or some pain which has been avoided. Several societies follow the belief of every such thing as Godly which benefits them in any way to make their life easier and relieves them from some form of a pain. Also in order to bring more focus in our belief system we even personify our belief in forms acceptable to not only me but all others surrounding me. Examples of benefits received are told and shared to spread our belief to all others who are ready to believe that they have some pain which can be eliminated by focusing towards a common symbol of focus.

Do we really need to believe in God…? Do we really need the support of a limitless power source…? Do we require an affirmation of our belief in that power which relieves us of our pain…? Do we…?

Let’s see how this belief is actually manifested in us.

Sheenu was just 3 years old and he wanted to do a lot of things, it’s the age of learning and he wants not only to learn everything but also do all what he can to learn by himself. This is an age where whatever is shown or taught is immediately caught up by the brains and a permanent picture is impressed on a relatively blank area of the mind storage. Sheenu starts learning new things which according to him is natural like playing with the mud, catching flying insects, pissing on any comfortable place and then he starts getting instructions not to do these things as these do not come within accepted norms of consciously sophisticated living. Sheenu’s mind does not understand why these attitudes should be stopped when he is comfortable doing these things. So now his so called disobedience comes in the way of moulding him in the rules of the society living. What now? Sheenu is then subjected to fear tactics by showing him the slap hand but we cannot actually slap him as he is too small to bear the pain and as loving parents we also have no intention of slapping him and the best part is that Sheenu understands this, so he doesn’t pay heed to our warnings. Then he is told that if he doesn’t follow our instructions then the night whistle man will take him with himself in the dark of the night and this works, the fear of the unknown. The night guard whistling away is not seen by Sheenu and thus he remains an object of curiosity for him and we take the benefit of this curiosity by personifying him as someone who is bad and will take him away from his loving parents. This fear of the unknown starts penetrating him and here starts the first introduction of Godly fear. As Sheenu grows up he is introduced to several such fears that he never sees but gets impressed upon his mind that there is someone who will deprive him of his comforts if he does not fall in line. As he grows he also starts getting some positive fears of being getting rewarded for his good doings and thus his mind starts differentiating between God and Anti God. Slowly as Sheenu ages the difference between God and Anti God merges and he starts seeing God as someone who will reward as well as punish accordingly for all his doings and thus he becomes God fearing.

Similarly we teach Sheenu that if he does good things which involves praying to God he will get all his desires fulfilled. And at some points of time while fulfilling his desire by ourselves, we assure him that God has showered his blessings on him and that is why he got it. We ourselves create the belief that God will always fulfil the desires if he is prayed for it. Thus we unknowingly introduce him to the barter system of exchanging desirable goodies with his prayers and this makes him pray more. Usually in life with some efforts we get what we require and in a normal family every parent do guess what is the deepest desire of their 3-4 year olds and they try to fulfil his those desires. While fulfilling those desires we are unaware that this was actually what he was prying God for and after thanking us the next thing he will do is thank God and thus strengthening his belief over God presents his next set of wishes. The belief in God starts cementing in the deep corners of his subconscious.

Coming out of the childhood we are already introduced to so many miraculous looking incidents in life that our belief system now has a permanent linking to God. A religion may personify God or just keep him abstract but in both forms the belief is of same shape and form, its intact. How many different names or powers we may associate with the Supreme Being the function of that being which relates to us remains to be fulfilment of our desire and alleviation of our pains. We can’t say there is no God and no one is helping but there is always one power which is always there to mould us into doing those things which we are doing and things which are responsible for all of our happiness and sorrows. The Sun makes plants grow towards it, the Moon makes water rise towards it, the earth poles make the magnet turn towards it, and there are still bigger objects in the universe which affects every part of our body. After all our body is also made up of melanin which grows with Sun , water content which gets affected by Moon and a large electromagnetic field in our brains, doesn’t these large planets and other bodies affect a small body like ours. When we talk of astrology it also mathematically explains the effect of large interstellar bodies on our own comparatively miniscule bodies. When a complex combination of pistons, carburettors and axles can move some machines at speeds of sound, can’t a planet as gigantic as Jupiter or Saturn or a highly energetic body like Sun, affect our brain waves, our thoughts and our body movements. A similar complex combination of magnetic fields of planetary bodies and even the electromagnetic fields of other living and non-living beings around us will surely affect our own doing. But since our doings are all well-coordinated and synchronized, should we not credit God for being present as a programmer of these complex effects of all things around us.

It has also been well proved that sound vibrations around us have multiple effects on our senses. The sound is used for interpersonal communication, for releasing of music, for recognizing without vision and many other activities where sound plays a very important part in all our activities. We pray to God in different but highly synchronized sounds, by singing hymns, carols, azaans and many other means. If we go in deep all these forms of prayer embody in itself a similar pattern of sound vibrations. When we speak in a particular language we actually emit a thought in a particular sound vibration which is understandable to others within the span of distance of our sound vibration. We can speak the same sentence in thousands of languages and thy will still mean the same thing. Thus language is nothing but a specific type of sound vibration which is recognizable by all those who have learnt to receive those type of sound vibrations and decipher it to their understanding of the same thing as was meant by the emitter. This proves that in whatever form we pray we are actually creating similar vibrations and conveying similar message for that almighty. And since all the vibrations are some form of energy and cannot be destroyed it means there is some receiver which is receiving all such vibrations emitted through our prayers. If someone is receiving means someone is listening… so should we keep on praying and have a belief that our prayers will be answered.

It is energy in our being which makes go around and do all that we intend to do and it is this energy only which makes us desire for all what we want for ourselves and our surroundings. If energy is so important we should have a never ending stock of the same which must replenish us every time we feel depleted of the same, and since we always get this replenishment it means there is this unending stock maintained somewhere. Is it from the food we eat, the drinks we take, or the air we breathe in or a combination of all of these. But even if all this are the sources of our energy from where does we get energy to digest all this and produce more energy. Even if we take it that food, drink and air do produce energy, from where do they get this energy which gets transferred to us. The food has the perfect combination of proteins and vitamins, the water has perfect molecules to dissolve our impurities and air gets its perfect composition of gases to not choke us to death, did we design it this way perfectly for us and all other different living and non-living things on this earth. If we have not designed it by ourselves then who….

The belief does not mean an abstract reliance or a fear of authority or a sense of dependency, but it is based on our mind’s recognition of the fact that everything which is in order around us is by a purpose and if anything goes out of order the nature will bring it in order. There is a self-sustaining procedure in place in all the galaxy which will move the exact piston and exact axle to keep the vehicle moving. Hence belief in God is not in any person but the personified form of that infinite, complex, orderly system which keeps everything in its place. Hence the dispute whether we believe an unseen power or an unheard voice or a colourless space doesn’t hold anymore. It is just the belief in the all-pervasive, omnipresent, formless order which will always do the right thing to maintain the balance of the whole system. Hence when we believe strongly in something happening or not happening we ourselves create a magnetic impulse of our thought strong enough to create ripples in the balance of the system and to again bring order something will be done to make things happen or not happen. This may fulfil our wish or create another wish which in turn once again help in cementing our belief towards that Supreme Being. The existence or absence does not affect our belief, it is us who matter, believe me.