What is it that we expect from our future? Do we understand that whatever we are living today was a future some time back and whatever we will be living tomorrow is future today? Is our future the unexpected or is it already planned? We have many questions on what will happen tomorrow, but is it necessary to have questions about tomorrow. What is embedded in tomorrow is only a guess which we sometimes guess correctly based on our own actions. When we do something wrong we already know its consequences and that pre defines our near future. Is there a way we can know about future over a long period of time?

Yes there may be, the science of astrology can be an answer to our anxiety about future. But is it an absolute science and can it predict exactly what happens in future that is again a question. But why not, if the astrological predictions are based on mathematical calculations and their inferences, it should be an absolute science. Astrological calculations are based on positions of planets at particular degrees to a central planet, either Sun or Moon, and these positions are calculated mathematically without any assumptions then this should be a correct calculation. Now if these calculations about positions of planets are correctly calculated then there should not be any doubt on their positions depicted in a chart; diagrammatically represented on a chart.

This diagrammatical representation is the horoscope which is prepared by these planetary mathematicians designated as astrologers. If the step till preparation of the horoscope is a scientifically devised process then the horoscope must be correct for any person. Now a days even computer can prepare a horoscope with absolute correctness, which once again confirms to the point that preparation of horoscope is completely logic based and involves calculations which can be fed in the form of a logical computer software. So it proves that there is valid logic behind every horoscopic chart and that involves an absolute mathematical science. So the question again comes up that even if the horoscope is correct does it represent the correct effect each planet has on a person’s life and his future. With its position with respect to each other defined correctly in a diagram, this effects the individual’s life events.

We have read about tides that occur in sea, and effect of Moon’s gravitational pull, we see an apple falling down due to earth’s gravitational pull. These are still small objects but we also know that gravitational pull or repulsion of planets and the Sun keep all planets in a perfect balanced distance from each other and rotate around Sun. Each planet has several moons rotating around them in a perfect motion and in a balance. More importantly this motion of planet can be perfectly predicted centuries in advance; isn’t it predicting future?

If Moon can affect motion of water, can’t it affect living bodies which have major composition of water? If rotation of earth can give rise to magnetic fields, proved in absolute physics, can’t it affect humans rotating along with earth? A human body is made up of all the natural elements present in nature around us and if all this gets affected by earth and moon’s gravitational and rotational effects then why can’t a human being? When gravitational and other forces of large planets in the solar system can have a large impact on other astronomical bodies like other moons and planets then we humans are such miniature bodies for them. Is there any reason to believe that these planets and their positions won’t affect us?

This proves that all these large planets revolving around us in the infinite space above do affect us in some way. Now the question is in what way and can we really predict their affect? That is a correct question to ask since planets while affecting us do not define any specific line item in which way our life will move. Hence here comes the role of those who can interpret these affects. People who can identify a pattern between planetary positions and their affects on life are the ones who then take the role of predictors or astrologers. These people observe these planetary influences on other’s lives and derive a pattern which will make predictions easier. Now this is again a scientific method on arriving at results based on experimentation and observation. Still the predictions may differ based on an individual predictor’s own scope of knowledge gained during the process of observation. A predictor’s own background, his society his level of thinking, his imagination, his logical reasoning and the subject’s own similar conditions will in some way affect the type of predictions made. A prediction or future telling may differ from predictor to predictor based on his own interpretation but the planetary positions will always remain same from any paradigm.

Till the time stars, planets, their satellites and other heavenly bodies keep travelling in the universe we will remain affected by them and this is the reason of our existence also. Future telling is thus not just an intelligent guess but a perfectly developed science of study of motions of bodies with respect to each other. So let’s keep excited about our future and watch out for that moon or star to bring happiness in our lives. Happy futuring.