Watching out of a bus window I saw a young man walking out of the opposite lane in a very fast gait, something about him intrigued me, making me fix my eyes on him. He was coming from the opposite side of other people going in the lane crashing into those coming in. Suddenly I saw him snatching a wrist watch from a heavily built lady and just moved along the side and stood still for sometime sliding the watch in his pocket. The lady realising that someone has just snatched her watch turned around to look for the snatcher and raised an alarm but could not trace as to who was it among the crowd of faces around. As my Bus caught speed I kept looking at the man who slowly in a normal gait got mixed up with the crowd and disappeared.

Years later I was while working in a bank was interviewing some probable candidates for the sales job at a city 300kms away when I recognised the same man as he entered the room with his CV for the interview. As my colleague was interviewing him I was more surprised at reconciling with the fact that this educated person was a pick pocket some years ago. His eyes were slightly red and were looking at all the items in the room while he was answering the questions thrown by my colleague. As the interview came to an end and he left the room my co interviewer, quite impressed with the candidate’s speaking abilities, was eager to select him when I objected and made him reject the candidate. This was Karma.

I was not to be in the interview room as it was someone else who absented due to medical emergency and I was asked by friend to accompany him for the interview as I was free for two hours that day. A 4 second vision from a moving bus 5years ago was instrumental in rejection of the person who committed a crime not seen by anyone. Not seen by anyone… was this person’s conviction but as per the saying “God is watching”. Does God watches by self or is it that some way someone watches everything. This is actually karma, what you do will come before you some or the other day.

Karma is not which will fructify in next birth but it is something which will give results in this birth only. Our actions define our future and that is for sure, whatever we do today shapes what will happen with us in future. If we don’t study today, we will not have good career tomorrow. If we don’t exercise today, we will get entrapped with ailments tomorrow. If we don’t exercise proper maintenance today, we will face malfunctions tomorrow. The karma is always what we do today and the future is always a result of our present karma only. No one can blame his destiny for whatever good or bad that happens with him, since he himself is the architect of it.

Sufferings in the world are not because of others it is mainly because of our own doings. We do not maintain good relations with each other, we do not keep our surroundings clean, we do not help others in times of need and then when we suffer we blame all the others except our own karma. We remain negative towards everything around us, make our own composure afflicted with negativity and then when we are actually surrounded by negativity around us we blame destiny for the same. Our karma is not only what we do but also what we think or what we do not do.

Our inaction also creates our karma, not doing something creates an obligation or a vacuum for the thing which was to be done and this will fructify in an unpleasant result which could have been avoided have we done something in the earlier place. Living in present and doing what we need to do and not refrain from doing what we should not do is the only way to improve our karma and its results in future. God will not wait for you to leave this earth and come to heaven to give you fruits of your karma he is benevolent enough to award you the results of your Karma right here in this world, in this body and in this near future itself. There is no procrastination from that from that Almighty in awarding you the results of your Karma. So be you and manage your Karma now as it will only shape your future. It will only grant you freedom here and now.