As the Ferris wheel starts gaining speed and the laughter turns to shrieks, it is amusing to watch people going up and down. Those up high in the air shriek with fear of going down and those down get filled up with excitement of going up. When the speed of the wheel was low everyone was enjoying the ups and downs but as the speed increased the fear of height and ecstasy started creeping in with increased volumes of shrieks. Isn’t it interesting to see that though everyone was moving with the same speed and in the same direction but the reactions were different at different places in the journey? Everyone sitting in the wheel was viewing a different scene, feeling a different commotion, hearing different sounds, experiencing a different sensation and expecting a different outcome. Some had come for adventure, some for enjoyment, some for a re-experience, some for proving out something and some for a first time ecstasy.

Isn’t life the same Ferris wheel which takes us all around in the same speed and same direction but each of us having a different experience from those of the others in the same wheel. We all think we are either ahead of others or behind others or above others or downtrodden. Isn’t our position in the Ferris wheel similar to the same thought sometime ahead, sometime behind, sometime up and sometime down. But when seen by the person operating the wheel everyone is at same distance from the other and moving in the same direction. We individually sitting inside the wheel take it as the Race of Life but for the one watching from outside it is the Pace of Life.

The Pace of Life remains same for all of us while the experiences of life may differ as per our own reaction to the same pace given to all of us by nature. In a Ferris wheel no other seat can have a different speed because it will damage the balance of the wheel and will destroy the wheel as a whole. Similarly nature cannot afford to give a different pace to any other life as it will not only damage the balance of the nature but will also destroy the nature as well. Every living organism has the same opportunity of similar natural conditions, to live and grow. All plants grow at same pace, all seasons change at same pace, all planetary movements are at same pace. The pace of life will always remain same though one may think that other is going faster.

Since our childhood we are pushed into this race of life and trained to race ahead beating others. In terms of class position in school, in terms of grade position in jobs, in terms of financial and political position in society we create other such positions similar to different angular positions in a Ferris wheel. Then as per our own position we keep on comparing positions of others in our set of angle of position. A child considers himself meek with respect to others who are ahead in position to him in his class. A man considers himself inferior to his superiors at the job and similarly with other persons in our society who are in different financial and political positions. In relation to his position in the hierarchy the man starts pushing harder to reach at the other position which seems better to him.

But how so fast he might want to run, how so more efforts he might take, the speed of the Ferris wheel will be the same and he will reach that wanted position in due time only, but by that time that other person will also have reached an another position. This way we keep on aspiring to be at that better position and try to do things which as per us will take us to that position faster than the decided time, even if that happens at someone else’s cost. This is why you will find someone in your class always trying to get attention of the teacher to prove himself better than the rest, someone on the job trying to do all the important jobs to prove himself more useful than the rest. But howsoever we think we are give a boost to our life cycle we will always face a time when the situations slow us down and letting others race ahead. It is not that we have lost the race or we have lagged behind but it is what nature does, no one can be in the front always, the Ferris wheel is rotating. One may seem to be running faster while other slowing down but in the wholesomeness the pace of life will always remain same how so different it may look to those who are part of it.

Whatever position we are in, it is better to enjoy the view, the thrill, the excitement and the moment. There should not be any worry that someone is racing ahead or someone you have to beat. Temporarily you may be higher than the rest but then you will also have to touch down at the lowest. One day everyone will have to get down this wheel and then walk away from each other with no more positions. And the most interesting thing is that you have no option to get down of this Ferris wheel until it stops, yes… UNTIL IT STOPS…