Dear Son,

It has been a long time since we have been discussing about the way your studies have been going and your year on year performance. It is indeed an honour to have a son like you who has an above normal common sense and most importantly you do use it when required. At no time I have seen you not using your intellect in your day to day activities.

But when it comes to studies, I think there is some lagging in using your intellect to its full potential. Intellectuality is an attribute which can take you to ever higher peaks in your life which you might not have even imagined. As I earlier said you have an abundance of this intellect but you choose to underutilize it. There are several ways to see that whether you are using your intellect to its full potential, some of which I will try to explain here.

Marks in an examination are not true picture of a person’s intellect as it might show a distorted picture in terms that a person may be very good in other activities rather than his studies in subjects which are mandatorily taught. But marks in an examination are an indication of the way the person uses his intelligence.

In the school days you have only to take care of the subjects taught and get better marks than others in your examinations while in life beyond school you can only be successful if you are better than others in terms of your life skills where intellect has a greater role to play. Examinations are just to test your understanding of the subject hence not getting good marks shows that you have not been able to understand that subject in completeness. Try to understand that having complete command of the subject you read is the only option otherwise what is the use of at all reading it? When you read a novel you understand the complete plot and even go back to earlier pages if you are not able to understand any event, because if you do not understand the whole story then what is the use of reading the novel at all. When you study and leave a chapter without completely understanding then it makes no sense reading the chapter. If you are able to answer all types of questions related to the chapter you read then only you should consider yourself to be in complete understanding of the chapter read.

One more sign of you using your intellect is how much dependent you are on others in completion of your activities. These activities could be anything from getting your cycle repaired, getting a photocopy done from outside, getting a stationary item from the shop, completing your classwork and homework without any one’s help, taking care of your belongings, taking care of your loved ones and many more such things where you have the capacity to do the activity by your own but you choose to take help from someone other. Taking help from someone other is an easy way of doing where you actually don’t let your intellect work. If you remember your childhood, you used to do everything by yourself, making your own plot to play with the toys, making your own stories to tell when I returned home, colouring your sketches with colours decided by your own. You used to talk with any stranger with finnese, ask any question from anyone and many such things where you never took help from anyone. You used to surprise me by doing such things which even I hesitated to do. My suggestion would be to bring back your childhood boldness and go try to do everything yourself, take help only if it is beyond your intellect but again doing things which are beyond your intellect will help increase your intelligence more.

Even in your later adult life dependency on others will decrease your success chances because more you will depend on others more will be the loss of capacity of yourself in doing the activity. You should always do the things first by yourself, excel in that, modify the way of doing it in a better way and then you can delegate the activity to someone who is able to do the activity. Activities like finding yourself a home in a new city, finding school for your children, arranging for utilities should be done by you only. Even living in other’s house and using other’s facilities is a derogation of one’s intellect as then you don’t invest in arranging for your facilities and hence have no desire to improve your facilities. The intellect increases by experiencing the life and its difficulties first hand.

Intellectual growth is directly linked to knowledge you gain either by your own experience or by other’s experience. The best way to gain knowledge by other’s experiences is reading books as much as you can and of as many varied subjects as you find on this earth. None of the subjects should be your favorite as everything under the Sun is there for you to know about, so go ahead and know everything. Knowledge of other skills like music, art, philosophy, martial arts, capability of speaking and debating will further enhance your mental strength. This will tremendously increase your knowledge to extremely high levels.

A high intellect person is not only highly respected and consulted by everyone but also becomes a standard for everyone else to follow. Persons with high intellect become a heroic figure for not only their near and dear ones but for the whole society he lives in. My wish is to see you become a person with high intellect useful to develop and take the society even higher. And for that you need to develop your intellect to the level where your intelligence shines by itself.

With best wishes I hope you will shape your life in a way that you not only make us proud but are able to fulfill your dreams even when we are not around in this world.

With Love,

Your loving Father