“So are you leaving, is the day over?”, remarked my colleague as I was leaving the office.  “The day over!! Not yet I am just leaving office as my job in the office is over but the day is still ahead, my family is waiting…”

Don’t we actually take our day to finish once we are through with our job at work place; is the job only life we have? It is a fallacy we usually do in our daily life. We take our jobs to be the only happening thing in our life and call it a day when we return home from our office. But do we actually realise that what we did in those ten hours was something which was thrown at us to do as a work for which we will get paid and not what we actually wanted to do. Given other circumstances when you have no requirement to earn will you do the same things in the same available time? Isn’t our job different from what we want to do in the same available time?

The day, as it starts is the period when we are with our family at our home feeling more comfortable. Even when we get up in the morning it is easy for us to get up early on a holiday than on a workday, simply because on a holiday we get up with a feeling of freedom to do what we want to do on that day rather than following some guidelines imposed by someone else. It is this freedom with which we feel freshness earlier than on a workday. The day with our family or alone with oneself is usually more fruitful day wanting for more rather than a workday when we wait for it to come to an end.

Out of the twenty-four hours a day has bestowed us with we have a ten-hour working that we need to do on a regular day and including another three hours of travelling in large metro cities we still have eleven hours left for ourselves. Eliminating another six hours of sleep we have five hours for ourselves where we actually do more productive work than what we do in our ten hours at the office. These five hours are more productive than those ten hours of the day as these are the hours when we spend time with our wife and children, read books, watch television, take walks, exercise our body, ponder in seclusion, get things repaired at our home, meet relatives, attend social gatherings, improve our skills and many such things which are no where related to what we do at our office workspace.

Then why is it that we always crib about our job life which may occupy larger amount of our waking time but is actually a low percentage of our life. We desist taking that part of our life as more fulfilling which we spend out of our office. Why do we care for our promotions and increments on the job rather than the promotions and increments that life gives us. We take birth as a baby, and then promotions as a youngster, a student, a sibling, a spouse, a parent, a societal personality, a grand parent and also many such promotions in life as we handle day to day responsibilities of life. We are called upon to head a family event, we are expected to chair the way our children’s future shapes, we are involved in many such events of life where we are promoted to a leader’s role to carry on difficult responsibilities. Don’t these promotions matter to us? These are the promotions which actually make us grow in life and are more fulfilling with respect to promotions at workplace where we only grow in designations but ultimately keep on doing same type of job in a higher magnitude.

Similarly for increments which we get at our jobs is just in monetary terms, while the increments life gives us are more precious in terms of good health, contending companionship, happiness of our off-springs, peace in our society and so-on. If we look closely we will find that there are many things around us which are more precious and dear to us rather than a monetary increment on our job. Monetary compensations can be means of achieving happiness but can never be happiness in itself. There are many such gifts of life which we keep on getting which are more than any increment on jobs. A compatible spouse, a child born in good health, escaping near accidents, not encountering the law of the land from the wrong side, not starving for food, not having to live on streets, not being harassed by the money lenders are some of the things in life which we may not care since we got them easily without any visible efforts on our part, but are actually increments of life at every step of our development and promotion in life.

Life is too large to think of it only consisting of our time spent on the job. Our time with ourselves is the largest share of time we use on any given day. It is we ourselves who think about ourselves and everything related to us for most of the time. The time is never short to spend with ourselves so just unwind and let your life take priority in your life and when feel frustrated on your job just yell out in your heart… “Job is not the only life I have”.