It was already late for office and he was in a hurry to drive across the sea of cars when he saw the biker falling down besides his car skidding on the road. It was an accident and someone got injured really bad. He was the nearest to him and while he had the option to press on the accelerator and sped away, he also had the option of stopping and helping the man out. He had to make an instant decision and that one single thought can make him devil or God. It is a situation which we all face several times a day, and each such situation gives us a chance to take a decision which gives out our devilish or Godly demeanor a face. Is it easy to become a devil or a God? No one can say what is better at a particular situation think evil or act pious.

Every time we pass through a situation there are always minimum two options given to us where one is an easy one and the other is a difficult one. We usually choose the easy one, which may be an easy choice because of the comfort it gives us but that may not always be the correct way. There may be ways which give comfort to others or there may be ways which pose difficulty for others. Nature always leaves that burden of taking the decision on us. It is we who have to take the decision after giving a thought to its consequences on not only ourselves but also on all those around us and to our ecosystem as well. The thinking which goes behind our decision is the one which brings that behaviour of ours to light which can be termed either as evil or virtuous.

Is it difficult to take such decision or is it our comfort which plays a more important role in deciding which road to take, the difficult one or the easy one. The human mind in general takes the easy route but those human minds who have taken the difficult routes were the ones who could make a mark in the human history. But still the question arises whether that difficult route was the one which brought comfort to the humanity or it rained hardships on them. There have been saints who got salvation choosing the difficult path and there have been warriors who brought a rain of wrath on the humanity. Both chose the hardships and the paths they tread were difficult but the results of both were totally different. One gave life a new path while the other ended many of the precious lives.

There was a king who took a vow to rule a whole piece of land and went on a spree of killing whoever came in his way displaying his devilish side and the same king when repenting on his deeds started spreading the message of love, he was able to rule over hearts of people residing in more areas of land which he never to imagined to conquer in his lust of land. The same person displayed his devilish and Godly side at different times of his life. On our daily expedition of life interacting with different people both in our personal lives and in our professional lives, we several times play devil and several times become God within a span of 24 hours. It is we who decide to become evil and virtuous at different times of the day depending on our thoughts. It is single splash of thought which brings us out of the bed at five in the morning to go and exercise and it is same splash of thought which convinces us to go and have the sleep. One thought makes us avoid helping others and it is just one thought which pushes us to go further and serve others. It is the One single thought that can make us a Devil or a God.