He can afford all the luxuries of the world, he is quite wealthy… this is the colloquial phrase used often to describe the vagaries that wealth brings with it for those so called chosen ones in the world. But is it so? Does all the luxuries men want are due to wealth only or are these depended on wealth only. Most importantly, what is wealth! The wealth usually means wealth in terms of the money one possess or those things which can be used to purchase some other material thing in barter. Whenever we long for achieving something we always look forward to wealth some material form.

What we need in life to have a comfortable life are usually such basic things which may not require having the support of wealth. But when we start longing for more and more, then we crave for the wealth which will help us achieve that something more. We even compare our fellow humans in terms of that wealth only which is measured in terms of money. What an irony that we start comparing value of a human, who is made by nature, with those material concepts of money which are made by those humans only. Wealth in terms of money is nothing but something made by a human to differentiate among themselves. Do we ever differentiate any other animal on the basis of any wealth they might have, no, but we do differentiate between humans though basic needs of every human is still the same.

We in India also celebrate festival of wealth in the name of Deepawali where we worship Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, usually prominently shown as distributing gold coins, another symbol of money wise wealth. But does the picture of Lakshmi only denote money, no; it is the wholeness of that picture which denotes wealth. The serenity on the face denotes satisfaction; the lotus in both hands denotes beauty emanating from the swamp, the protective posture of one hand denotes security from unseen and unwanted events; and of course the flowing gold coins denoting the financial security. Note it is the flowing gold coins not the static heap of gold, which means it is the circulation of money or continuous supply of financial resources whenever needed.

Let’s list down what are the things we need in life – good health, shelter to live, food to eat, knowledge, happiness, long life, belongingness of our near and dear ones, companionship of those we love, respect from others in our society, power to rule others and a never ending financial resource. Does all the things listed above could only be achieved with money, is it necessary to long for money to get all the things we need in life. Will we get good health, knowledge, happiness, love, companionship and respect from others with money only? And if we don’t get these things do we feel deprived? What if we had money but are always ill, have no knowledge, have no one to love us, no friends or relatives, are always scorned by others, do we still feel wealthy?

HEALTH – is one of the biggest components of wealth, a healthy body and mind makes us capable of doing anything and enjoys even the smallest events. A person can only enjoy the vagaries of nature or luxuries of the world when he is fit and have no constraints with his body and mind. A healthy body and mind can enjoy and have fullness in his life even if he doesn’t have any money to expend on the luxuries of life. A healthy you and your loved ones are the biggest components of your wealth.

LOVE – makes one feel the most natural completeness of self, being loved by someone or loving someone is in itself a complete fulfilment of a craving which cannot be described in any words. As we go further intimate in love and experience a sexual activity, the orgasmic feel is something which even goes beyond what any astronomical amount of money can ever make one experience. Money can never purchase love is an old but still relevant adage.

COMPANIONSHIP – of our near and dear ones is one of the components of wealth which makes us feel wealthy when we are surrounded by them. The blooming sound of laughter, the chorus of chattering, the chitchat running of children of our family members is all what makes us happier than watching the stacks of currency notes.

KNOWLEDGE – has never been dependent on any money, moreover it has been a much renowned fact that though money can buy you better qualification from renowned schools but not the knowledge. Penniless persons have been more famous and profound with knowledge.

RESPECT – from others has usually been earned by mortals moneyless. Most of the great persons in the world had rarely been rich moneywise. It is there acts which earned them respect be it Buddha, who renounced luxuries of life or Mahatma Gandhi, who gave nonviolent struggle a new face.

POWER – to rule others has never linked itself with money, it had been a bloody history when monarchs ruled, all quite rich, and there had been leaders who ruled the masses, without having money with them.

FINANCES – are required to arrange for some material basic needs where we humans have ourselves put a price to it and it is not wrong since arranging for some material thing requires human efforts which should have a cost attached to it. But considering huge piles of money as the measure of finances is something which unnecessarily blocks natural resources to be evenly distributed among others. Hence there should be a continuous flow of money, moving from one person to another commensurate with the efforts put into harness and conserve the natural resources for the benefit of all other included in the nature. Availability of finances just when you need and only what you need is another important component of personal wealth.

HAPPINESS and INNER PEACE – got never associated with money, because money always developed craving for more money hence making us restless and not happy enough to enjoy our available wealth. The oneness with nature, the seclusion, the company of one’s own self and the state of thoughtlessness are some of the coins of inner peace which brings more happiness than any other luxury bought by money component of wealth.

Wealth is not what one earns in terms of money but what one gets to satisfy his basic human requirements. Anyone who is able to satisfy his natural basic requirements by natural means is wealthy enough to boast of himself being amongst the wealthiest of the humans. The word Wealth was never meant to refer to money even when the word “WEALTH” got evolved, etymologically the word “Wealth” is derived from “Weal” or “Well” which means wellbeing.