SEX! Is it a taboo? Oh! How could you think about it? How could you discuss it in open? It is not what people of your age should think about. This is not what your cultural upbringing permits. There are many things in life which are imposed on us as a taboo.

We arrive in this world naked with no conditions attached, no rules to observe, no one to tell us what to do and what not to do. Then we get entangled in several do’s and don’ts in next two years of our birth. We are conditioned in one or the other set of rules to follow depending on which part of earth we are placed and in which family or society we grow up. There are many taboos which vary from family to family, society to society, country to country and of course religion to religion. There are several rules to govern our way of living. There are rules related to food habits requiring one to eat a particular set of food items mostly depended on the type of atmospheric conditions we live in. There are rules to wear a particular style of clothes, live in a particular make of houses and so-on.

The most tabooed thing across races and countries is related to sexual choices of the individuals. This is one common thing which is a basic necessity of all human beings across societies. But here again societies have made rules to observe and practice sexual acts indifferent ways.  Some societies give enough freedom to individuals to choose their sexual partner, while some impose that partner in the garb of a tradition, some societies make wedlock a necessity for enjoying sex, whereas some allow it without any boundaries, some allow this sexual enjoyment between individuals of same gender while some despise it. This is one subject who though treated differently in different societies and cultures result into providing the same ecstasy… the joy of orgasm.

A man enjoying sex with different partners and for different purposes have been in vogue and widely accepted in nearly all societies but a similar act of a woman is not considered with same austerity in most of the societies. Shouldn’t woman have choice of not only choosing her partner but also how she would like to enjoy the act? A woman should herself be empowered enough to decide on her choices of sexual fantasies that she would like to fulfil. In an Indian society a woman who is empowered enough to decide on her sexual choices is mostly looked upon as available for fulfilment of any male fantasy, which is absolutely wrong and the whole perception has to undergo a change.

The two female protagonists in my debut novel “Twenty Twenty- a race against time”, are such women of power who exercise their choice of sexual encounters with people, at time and manner they prefer without anyone having to overpower them. A new perspective of women empowerment.

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