In Hinduism we have a God for creation- Brahma, a God for taking care – Vishnu and a God for annihilation – Shiva. Mother is a combination of all three Gods, she gives birth, takes care and annihilates our shortcomings. Motherhood is not only an experience for the mother but also for her children. We as humans get attached with our mother during the caring phase when we get to know her as provider of all our requirements. Somehow the mother knows all what we require and is always there when we need anything, be it love, caring or any of our internal desires. Since childhood we mesmerise on how our mother knows everything what we require and how she is the one who arranges for everything from our food to our dressing to our all other desires.

She even understands our shortcomings and then tells us stories to help us annihilate those shortcomings. Celebrating one day dedicated to her is not any acknowledgement to her but just a reminder to ourselves that we owe so much to our mother which cannot be expressed in words or any other expression of ours because a mother never expects any acknowledgement. It is just a reminder to ourselves as to how incomplete we are without our mother being there. Whatever we are today is because someone was there to see us through our growing years, someone was there to see us through our weak moments and made us strong enough to face the hardships of the world.

Mother is the common factor among all the species in the world. Any other animal apart from us Homo Sapiens have a mother who gives birth and takes care of their offspring till they have grown enough to take care of themselves. Every mother of any specie deserves the same respect for letting the nature grow and create the future for the world we live in. The mothers are the ones who gave birth to individuals who have made the world liveable for us. It’s a mother’s day every day for every child and for every child in all of us grownups. So let us keep everyday special for our mother and celebrate motherhood in every way possible. Wishing us all a Happy Motherhood.