What is faith? Is it believing in a religion or a God or a person or a process or a system? Faith can take any form, it can be Nirgun or Sagun i.e. without form or with a form. We can have faith in things we just feel to be there or in things which are there in front of us and can be touched or seen by us. Faith is something which cannot be explained just by our believing in some faceless object or feeling or any well carved statue. A blind child has faith on his parents and then slowly on his senses of touch and feel. For a blind person also there are faiths depending on whether he can only feel them as abstract or feel them by touch. Faith is something which anyone can have on anything mostly by his experience.
We have faith in our Gods, though we have never seen him in person but only through his images as depicted by some who believe in His some form. That is why we express our faith in statues and photographs. We have faith in the supreme power which no one has seen but believe to be present somewhere all pervading and that is why nearly everyone looks up in the sky when require any supreme help beyond his available means. The sky represents that unlimited resource from where all our wants get fulfilled. Then we start turning to those around us who seem to be the ones fulfilling our needs and start developing faith in them. If one of our instant needs gets fulfilled by any person we develop faith in them like a boss on our job fulfilling our aspirations for development we develop faith in him. If our need gets fulfilled by following a process we develop faith n that process like our worshipping a particular God form gets our want fulfilled we have faith in that type of worship.
Then there are persons on the other side who understand this faith development process and start developing means to get this faith developed artificially. A so called God man uses this process to fulfil some immediate needs or even some emotional needs and calls for development of faith towards himself by the subjects whose needs he fulfils. A politician creates this faith in himself by taking up issues close to a much wanted need of most of his targeted voters to get their faith developed. An actor, a doctor, an organisation all use this technique of fulfilment of need which is emotionally near to a person to develop the faith in himself or its processes. Sometimes even a negative aspect of not getting a need fulfilled makes people develop the faith in certain objects. A fear that if we don’t have faith in that particular object then I may lose something dear to me generates the factor of faith.
Once the faith generates then breaking it down or replacing one faith with other seems too difficult, often not easy enough due to high level of emotional turmoil required within one self. This is this difficulty in turning of the faith that usually brings the character of emotional and physical revolt against the other faiths in a violent manner. This turns violent towards other faiths of religion, God or even the God man. This is why we have several times in history seen religious battles, battles for individuals, battles for supremacy of one’s own faith. There has been a lot of bloodshed over centuries over proving one’s faith superior to the other without understanding that one faith can never be superior to other since every faith is an individual experience. Every faith, be it in his Boss, in his parents, in his leader, in his God, in his God man, in his religion has its own unique experience, which cannot be replaced by any other faith completely unless that existing faith is totally destroyed by the instances of his own experiences. A faith is usually unshakeable till you have experienced something which totally demolishes your own concept of needs or your needs themselves have changed.
Be aware that where faith on right things can develop you in a positive way, the faith in wrong direction can not only destroy you but can leave you bruised through all of your life. The pain of faith getting destroyed is too much to handle for any individual hence have faith but be ready to change it smoothly as per the change in your needs. An emotional upheaval during such change of faith can be devastating even for an emotionally and mentally strong person.