Life is itself mysterious enough. We don’t know what is going to happen the next minute. All of us live on a hope, a hope that we will survive the next minute and the next minute after that and so-on. We expect that the future will be convenient for us and we keep on living with this hope. All the religious texts, spiritual Gurus, the fortune tellers everyone gives us a hope of a better future in whatever is coming next. Isn’t this expectation of what future holds for us a mystery and the hope we have with our future a work of a fiction?
When we read a fiction novel full of thrill we get excited to know what happens next. We keep on reading it till the finish to know what ultimately happens with the main mystery that is introduced by the author in the plot. Usually in a thriller novel the end is usually not what we keep guessing while reading, but something unexpectedly different to surprise us by the time we finish reading. Isn’t the life not also just like that? Does the future always is like what we expected? We too get surprises as we enter the next minute, next hour and next day of our life. The mystery keeps unfolding with every new moment of our future.
Sometimes it seems everything is a part of a grand plan. It seems whatever happens with us in life is already planned and it goes as per plan. It may be true since every story we read, it is the characters of the story and the readers only, who don’t know what happens next but the author knows exactly where the story plot is going. The creator is in complete control of the mystery of the life of characters it creates. While an author creates fiction from the imagination of his mind, the life is creation of a grand nature which creates and controls everything that ever exists anywhere. The nature is a bigger author.
Life has everything entwined in itself, the romance, the thrill, the fantasy and all those emotions which an author seeps in his work of fiction. This is why we as part of some story of the nature find so much ecstasy in reading fiction created by other authors and that is why since childhood we love to hear stories, we love to imagine those fantasies where we could also become a part of it either by imagining or by reading. Mystery will always remain to attract its readers for the very nature of it being mysterious and thrilling. It is this nature of unexpectedness in the story that keeps our inquisitive minds glued to the mystery reads. Even an event in life keeps us hooked till the mystery gets unfolded. As it is said that a journey is more interesting than the destination, similarly a travel through a story having suspense and thrill is more fulfilling than completing the story and knowing ultimately what happened to the mystery in the plot. In my view there should be a story long enough to keep the thrill going on and should be able to make the journey of reading through it an exhilarating affair igniting in the reader the want for another such journey of thrill.

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