Do you think what you think in your minds is a total secret? Well think again. When we think in our minds it is always in words or language we know, we think as if we are clandestinely speaking to ourselves without anyone else hearing it. But even when we are thinking we are generating some vibration, some sound which we only can realize inside us. What if these are vibrations beyond human perceptible range and if anyone is able to perceive vibrations in that range? Have we thought that if there is someone around us who can perceive these vibrations then he can clearly hear what we are thinking? Are our thoughts private enough then?

A human ear can hear sounds within frequency of 20Hz to 20KHz, while Human Eye can see lights with frequencies between 430 to 770 THz. The human sensitivity to vibration is between 1Hz to 100 KHz.  These are the ranges between which any human can hear, see or feel anything around him. If there is something which is outside of these ranges on either side then a human can neither hear, see nor feel that thing.  This range of sensory perceptions is different for different species, which is why a dog or for that matter any other animal may respond to some event even before we come to know about it. It is usually seen that a dog becomes alert and even barks for someone approaching with a bad intention even before we know it. The birds get the feel of rain even before we see any drop coming down. There had been stories of animals being used for getting signals of an event prior to it happening. Even today we pet a dog for its advance perception of imminent danger.

If as human we are blind and deaf to many such events around us which some other animals can detect then that means there is much around us which we can neither hear nor see or feel. We are living in a world full of mysteries and though we claim to have solved many of them with the help of logical conclusions and science applied to them, still there is so much beyond our perceptive range. How much we do know about this mysterious and unknown world around us? We do experience certain things which we are not able to explain like sudden awareness of someone around us, an intuition, sudden feeling about some bad to happen, some days we feel exceptionally happy, mood swings, etc. There are certain things or events we experience for which we can’t find a scientifically proven theorem to establish.

What we cannot hear, see or feel is something totally unknown to us. It is such a blind spot for us whose existence we deny. Even in dark we acknowledge the presence of darkness since we can see darkness but there are things around us which we cannot see. It may happen that some individuals are capable to sense beyond the ranges specified for normal human beings and they are able to perceive those things which normal human beings can’t. When we deny the existence of supernatural powers, existence of God or ghosts, do we mean they don’t exist or we mean we can’t perceive them within the range our sensory organs are allowed to grasp? When some people say they have seen ghosts or met God does that mean their sensory organs have ventured out of the allotted ranges and have been able to perceive something more.

Our scientists keep on discovering something new every day around the globe. Human knowledge has been on the increase continuously. Things whose existence was denied some time ago have been proved to be very much present after some time. There have been telescopes built to see deep into space, where everything is beyond our ranges of perception. There have been instruments built to capture mind waves, heart beats and all other body statistics which are also not in our perceptible range. So it is very much possible that all those whose existence we deny today are very much present and are just waiting for the enough development of human intelligence to discover them.

Our constraints for the range of perceptions our sensory organs are allowed to play within are slowly being overcome by the development of human intelligence through development of technology. Since long many old civilizations have documented stories where superiority of mind has been emphasized upon. May be our mind had always been superior enough to be able to perceive anything present in this world but its abilities are curbed within a specific range until we open it up to enlarge our own perception of senses. We can achieve this only by first understanding that the range we presently work within is too short of a range and there is a much wider range available for us to perceive. We need to throw our mind open to let it receive all the other frequencies for all our senses.

When nature has created these vibrations then it intends us to perceive those vibrations. When we take birth we are unaware of any language or any sound, but then slowly learn many things and our mind develops those sensory perceptions over a period of time. Nature may have given us capacity to perceive all those perceptions which we presently feel are out of our range but we have not been able to develop them. It is this capability of some persons to develop their sensory perceptions in such a way to perceive more than what normal humans can which makes these persons have more talents, more visions. What is taught in meditation techniques is to focus on one particular thing eliminating all other perceptions around and may be then we can train ourselves to perceive what lies beyond. So let’s not negate everything which we cannot hear, see or feel but become aware that may be if we open our mind enough we can experience something more than what we now know.