It is that time of the year again when people become dissatisfied with their present condition. When we talk of condition then there is actually nothing that changes in our condition, but still we experience dissatisfaction and frustration. We do not have any problem in our family. No one is sick. We have not had a fight with anyone. Our neighbours are happy, our spouse is in love with us. There is nothing which I want to purchase and I am not able to purchase it. My own body and mind is fit. There is no problem in our job, but still we are frustrated and dissatisfied. It is because this time of the year we get the reports of our performance appraisal, those appraisals which are someone else’s assessment of our work done through the last year.

I wonder how could someone judge me or appraise my work with his own limited vision of judgement. When someone sees me working, is he looking at the complete work I am doing or just one part which concerns him only.The person judging may be biased with his thoughts favouring his own interests. A person only likes those works of any other person which fulfils his own interests. Even if other works are more important in the system as a whole but they will count only if it benefits the person judging. I may be doing jobs which are towards making the ecosystem robust on towards enriching other’s lives or maybe bringing an enabling work culture, but that will count as my good work only if it seems to give any direct benefit in the present circumstances to the person judging me presently. But since I may be doing things which may give their positive results over a longer period of time, beyond the appraisal year to be specific, then it may not get converted to those good appraisal report what we expect.

Any person’s value does not depend upon how he is looked at by his appraisers on the job, but what value gets created for him in his life.The value in a person’s life gets created by how he deals in life. A healthy lifestyle of self and family, a mental zeal to live in the present moment, acquiring of life skills, developing love and relationships.

We may be masters of other skills which are never tested at our jobs. We may be a good observer, an excellent painter, a melodious singer, an enchanting storyteller, a great badminton player, an excellent strategic chess player, a poet, a caring father, a loving husband, an obedient son and so on. Being a good worker is just one of those hundred things or qualities which we may be possessing. Do we get upset when one of those things don’t work for us? Our inherent qualities are always not those which can be completely judged by others. It is we only who can measure ourselves. At jobs we are usually measured against someone who is doing a similar job like us.There are limitations on the job. One can have some disabilities where he cannot perform as good as others. These disabilities could be your own priorities away from job, like you need to give more time to your family or you need to invest in other skill building. There can be people on the job who don’t have such other responsibilities as you have. Comparisons on jobs can be biased and depends on the mental baggage carried by the appraiser.

An annual appraisal is nothing but a model of distribution of wealth in a capitalist socialistic method. Since everyone can’t be given equal share of wealth earned by the organisation in order to promote meritocracy, it is distributed in a manner which is acceptable to majority of employees. This may decrease your share of earning as compared to few others but it in no way decreases your own value in life. Value is not what others create, it is what you create for yourself. One year’s performance appraisal in no way reflects one’s value created over the life spent so far. Earnings can again be gained, but a lost self esteem can’t be.