“If it is good for me it is good to go”, this is what we usually think while we decide about anything. Good for me, so its the best thing, but is it so! Most of us love to eat sweets and when we get we cannot resist, especially when we crave for it, so as soon as we could get a hand on it we feel good and accept it, good for us,  but is it? It does harm us, it gives us unwanted calories and if we are diabetic then is it still good for us?

Whenever we take certain decisions or try to handle situations it is not always enough to consider if it is good for me but also if it is correct. Sometimes things seem to be good for us but they may not be the correct thing. If we are in dire need of money then robbing a bank may be good for me but is it correct, should I rob a bank? There is always a huge difference between good and correct. There may or may not be good in it for me if my choice is correct and conversely it may or may not be correct if it is good for me.

In our professional life we desire for certain things, like acceptance, recognition, promotion, which are good for us but sometimes we come across people who were performing better when they had not reached a particularly higher level, a mere working in oblivion. As soon as they achieved what seemed good for them turned to be disastrous for them, they could not perform under their achieved recognition on promotion. Children now a days find solace in playing games online, they are glued to their mobile handsets or PCs for playing online games with online players, this seems so good for them but is it correct. These children sacrifice some longterm benefits for those ephemeral so called “good” experiences.They get their health deteriorated in terms of becoming lethargic, they compromise their eyesight, their minds start losing focus and most importantly they do not get their imagination developed which they get while playing physically with toys and props. So something which feels good is actually not correct.

Coming again to professional lives sometimes we have to take decisions, the effect of which may be good for our career advancement but that may not be ethically or legally correct, it may be a decision which may even not be good for our employees, so should we take the decision to the detriment of others or a decision which may not be good for me but correct for everyone. Life gives us such choices and puts such conundrums before us where a fine edge between what is good for us and what is correct always stares us to get chosen. Whenever this situation arises let us imagine a drug addict what should he choose, a puff of marijuana or a sober life, the conundrum gets solved.