“See it to believe it”, it is the best adage in the rational world of today but is it true, should we believe only what we see by our own eyes and reject all that we can’t see. Let’s talk about fragrance, when we meet a new person and smell his perfume or enter a room full of fragrance it makes me feel overwhelmed but does that person keep smelling good always or we keep smelling the fragrance in the room for as long as we are there? Within a few seconds our nose gets accustomed to a particular odour. The sensors in our nose get immune to the odour and do not send any signal to our mind and the intellect within our mind does not smell anything. The smell or odour is still there but we don’t feel that because now the sense receptor nerves of our nose do not send the signal, they cheat on our mind. Our mind judges no odour or fragrance but out there the room is full of it.

We have five sense organs, Eyes, Ears, Nose, Tongue and skin known as the Panchindriyas to give us the feel of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch, the five Vishayas. A human life is surrounded by these five feels through which he experiences the world and a feeling from these five sense organs is in the truest sense which gives a human the basic truths around him. We believe what we see, what we hear, what we smell, we taste or what comes in our touch. There are many animal species which are dependent on one of these organs more than others for their existence, like dogs on the nose and ears, while snake on their ears and tongue. Even as humans if one of the organs are less effective or not working other organs increase their sensory perceptions, we usually do come across a blind man sensing more through his ears or touch. So we depend too much on our sensory organs for our experiences and our beliefs. Some of us don’t believe in God or ghost because we can’t sense him through any of our sensory organs. Most of our rational thinkers look at religious beliefs in a denial mode just because our sensory perceptions do not perceive them. Scientists don’t believe on theories propounded by earlier ascetics because they can’t be sensed into by our sensory organs or equipment build by comparison to our senses.

Now what about our eyes, do our eyes always see what is actually there in front of us, then how does mentalists, optical illusionists, magicians successfully show us magical feats, how do we do not see the trick done by them in front of our very eyes. What about ears, do we always hear what is actually said to us or sounded to us, then why are there semantic barriers, communication gaps, why is it sometimes we confuse between sounds or spoken words. Do we always taste correctly, then why are tastes of some food appear different at different temperatures or with different spices.Touch also confuses in sometimes when we don’t understand what has touched us or what are we touching. All the five visible sensory organs do cheat on us, so do we believe that their master be true to us, The Mind?

The mind which actually senses all these sensory perceptions gets itself cheated by all of them. It actually lets itself be told the untrue messages since it has a larger lie to be propound. A human is made aware of his surroundings by his sense organs and his position in those surroundings by his own mind. When all the senses are not true to us could they be true of what is there in our surroundings? So when they are not true about our surroundings then it means there is a fade world around us which is made to be sensed by us. The mind makes a human sense his value in those false surroundings which has been falsely created around him, these falsely created surroundings by the treacherous senses is what is called Maya in Hindu texts. So the mind creates a position of self in this Maya which gives a false sense of achievement or position on value for this self which is called Aham, the Ego.

Ego is nothing but a sense of self at a higher plane than others, on a plane that is created by our own false senses, hence just a false sense of self appreciation. The mind making us think that I am superior to everyone else, rejecting the superiority of other persons’ also created with that false sense of a higher plane by them. Then ego makes us live in a Maya of self highness, the mind once again making us blind with open eyes, deaf with clear ears, odourless with perfectly working noses, tasteless with all the taste buds and senseless with all the touch sensitivity. The mind makes us totally insensitive by clouding our intellect with this overpowering ego. The intellect, which is the only one who has the power of discriminating between truth and lie, which can only truly understand the truth beneath all the treacherous signals given by the sense organs, the intellect which can pierce through the veil of falseness and make us conscious of the truth is enveloped by ego. This consciousness of the intellect towards all that is actually true brings that state of awareness which is identifiable with Shiva, the super consciousness.

Once the intellect pierces through the falseness and sees the truth behind all the senses it destroys the false perception of ego created by the mind and then the human reaches that state where he being conscious of all the truth around him is able to see through, smell through, hear through, taste through and feel through the real surroundings, he at once becomes aware of the odour in the room even if his smell senses do not smell it. This awareness makes him conscious of all that is there even if he is not able to sense it and this awareness making him conscious of thr reality will ultimately take him to a state of that super consciousness which is Shiva himself, the ultimate embodiment of Super consciousness, the symbol of absolute detachment from Maya because he has become aware of the true nature of Maya. This is why Shiva in his physical form is shown as living in the wilderness of mountains with nothing worldly with him. And since Shiva denounces this maya he becomes aware of the veil of ego on his intellect and then when he denounces ego, he has to bear the poison of insults, wrath of others, scorn and other humiliation, also praise or adulation, which he readily accepts does not give it back nor digests it so that it may affect him in any way or elicit any reaction from him, he neither vomits it nor gulps it but keeps it in his throat in abeyance and that is when he becomes, The Neelkanth.